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The underwater robot contest ended successfully.

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    On September 23, the 2017 First Underwater Robot Target Grab Competition, hosted by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Dalian University of Technology, Changhai County People's Government and Zhangzidao Group Co., Ltd., successfully concluded in Yizi Island for four days.

The judges and experts paid attention to the game situation through real-time images. 
    In the competition, the teams took turns to play a fierce battle in the underwater robot target recognition, fixed-point grasping and self-grabbing, overcoming the difficulties brought by the wind current and realizing the expected goals of the competition. In the end, the Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School team won the first prize of the target recognition group offline group, the China Ocean University team won the first prize of the target recognition group online group, and the Shanghai Hangshi Marine Equipment Company team won the first prize of the fixed-point capture group. The Harbin Engineering University team won the self-acquisition group development award. According to statistics, the contestants of this competition collected a total of 19 sea cucumbers, 28 abalones and 87 scallops, a total of 134, and achieved fruitful results.

Chairman Wu Hougang of Zhangzidao Group presented the first prize winner of the offline recognition group of the target recognition group to the Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School Team.

Gao Xiangang, deputy magistrate of Changhai County, presented the award to the first prize winner of the online group of the target identification group, China Ocean University.

Professor Luo Zhongyu, Assistant President of Dalian Polytechnic University, presented the award to the first-class winner of the fixed-point acquisition team, Shanghai Hangshi Marine Equipment Company.

Li Jianjun, deputy director of the Harbin Engineering University team for the self-acquisition group development award winners.

Liang Jun, Executive Vice President, received the Best Collaboration Award from the Organizing Committee on behalf of Zhangzidao Group.
    At the closing ceremony, the representative team of Harbin Engineering University on behalf of the participating teams of the competition announced the "Underwater Robot Contest" Zhangzidao Declaration. The first team of the first competition believed that Zhangzidao provided the world's first ideal underwater robot target in the real offshore environment to capture the competition venue and evaluation environment. It is recommended to use Zhangzidao as the target of underwater robots. The long-term stable meeting site of the contest, I hope that the competition will continue to receive long-term support from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and jointly promote the development of the field of special robots.

The Harbin Engineering University team on behalf of the contest team to read the Zhangzidao Declaration.

Signature of the team member.
    The only foreign team participating in this competition is the University of Tokushima representative team from Japan. According to Captain Shi Wen, their robots are small compared to other teams, but their performance is superb. Thanks to excellent hardware performance, they can achieve large and complex deep nerves with lower power consumption and smaller hardware area. The network recognizes the target at high speed on the premise of ensuring recognition accuracy. “There is a sea around Tokushima University. We have done a lot of tests and tested it in Dalian, so we can quickly adapt to the waters of Zhangzidao.”
Based on the research and analysis of the underwater conditions in the sea near Zhangzidao, the Dalian University of Technology team designed a set of robotic equipment suitable for underwater exploration, underwater operations, aquaculture operations, etc., which can be applied to highly hazardous environments. Various tasks such as downtime and long-term operation under water. During the game, the performance of the robot caused cheers and applause from experts, judges and other viewers.

Deputy Director Li Jianjun made a closing speech.
    Li Jianjun, deputy director of the Information Science Department of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, said that the sponsorship of the competition reflected the funding direction and strategic deployment of the fund committee for artificial intelligence research. This is also an important priority funding area for the Information Science Department of the Fund Committee. Through this competition, the operation of underwater agile robots was demonstrated and drilled, and the experience was accumulated and the results were exchanged. This will promote the rapid advancement of underwater agile robot research in China.

The flourishing development of science and technology often stems from urgent industrial needs. At present, China's abalone, sea cucumber, scallop, conch, sea urchin and other end-propagated marine pastures rely on artificial diving and traditional tools, which have labor intensity, high safety risks, low production efficiency, and mining costs. Highly prominent problems have created enormous obstacles to the industrialization of marine pastures. The rise and continuous development of underwater robot technology is expected to gradually change the current backward situation. At the same time, it will effectively protect the seabed ecological environment, benefit ecological monitoring, seabed environmental survey, seabed resource assessment and other fields, and will comprehensively enhance the intelligence of Zhangzidao marine pasture. The level of informationization promotes the healthy and sustainable development of the industry.
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