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DLUT and ZONECO build United Laboratory of Underwater Robot Time:2019-07-23 17:13 Click:

On the afternoon of April 1, the signing ceremony for the signing of the "Dalian University of Technology - Zhangzidao Group Co., Ltd. Underwater Robot Joint Laboratory" was held in Room 512 of the main building. According to the agreement, our school and Zhangzidao Group will establish a comprehensive production, study and research cooperation relationship, carry out collaborative innovation around key common technical issues in the field of marine equipment automation such as underwater robots, and carry out joint research on enterprise technology requirements, technical problems and product development. , joint project declaration, conversion of technical achievements, etc.

Before the signing ceremony, President Guo Dongming met with Chairman and President Wu Hougang of the Zhangzidao Group Co., Ltd. in Room 312 of the main building. Assistant Principal Luo Zhongyu, the head of the Science and Technology Research Institute accompanied the meeting.

President Guo Dongming welcomed Chairman Wu Hougang's visit and said that the two sides jointly built the underwater robot laboratory, which reflects the principle of mutual complementarity and common development of the two parties. I believe that cooperation will promote industrial upgrading with new technology research and promote underwater robots. Scientific and technological progress in the field of marine information, realizing the combination of scientific research and enterprise superior resources in the field of marine equipment automation, enhancing the capability of marine science and technology innovation, helping the rapid development of the marine economy, and jointly contributing to China's "building of a strong ocean".

Chairman Wu Hougang thanked Dagong for his strong support to Dalian's local industrial economy. He said that this cooperation has injected the vitality of continuous innovation and research and development into the development of Zhangzidao Group, which will help the Group to improve the informationization and intelligence level of the industrial economy. The upgrade of “Ocean Ranch” industrial equipment brings rare development opportunities. Zhangzidao Group is willing to work together with the great workers to promote the construction of China's intelligent marine industry.

After the meeting, Vice President Song Yongchen and Chairman Wu Hougang signed the contract on behalf of both parties and unveiled the joint lab. Assistant Principal Luo Zhongyu introduced the situation of the joint laboratory. Teachers of the Department of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering and the School of Software participated in the signing ceremony.

Founded in 1958, Zhangzidao Group Co., Ltd. has become a market-based industry, seawater breeding, marine food industry, cold chain logistics, marine leisure, fishery equipment, etc. A comprehensive marine enterprise integrating multiple industries.

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