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Dalian University of Technology
Team 01 - Water Quality Testing Machine Fish
Entries: Water Quality Testing Machine Fish
Participating institutions: School of Software, Dalian University of Technology
Team leader: Weng Doe
Team member: Wei Doe
Instructor: Zhang Doe
Weng Doe, Research II, majoring in the integration of electronic systems information under the discipline of circuits and systems, responsible for research and development of enterprise cooperation projects in the graduate stage; in Taiwan, participated in the Taiwan Academic Exchange Conference in 1 week; participated in ARM-2013 in 2013 STM32 2013 Campus Innovation Competition; published 2 Chinese core journal articles, 1 EI conference paper, 3 invention patents, 3 utility model patents; undergraduate participation in 2011 National Undergraduate Electronic Design Competition, etc., with rich experience and good experience. The theoretical basis and hands-on practical ability.
Wei Doe, researching and studying, majoring in the integration of electronic system information under the circuit and system, participated in the “Zhejiang New Miao Talent Plan” at the graduate stage; participated in the “Submarine Environment In-situ Monitoring Data Acquisition System” project, which has strong Scientific research and hands-on practical skills.
The level of exploration and development capability of marine resources is an important indicator for measuring the level of national marine technology. In recent years, the National Ocean Science Survey found that due to the complexity and diversity of the seabed topography, it is a difficult task for the marine equipment to land smoothly. Whether it is a submarine sampling rig that requires precise balance, or ROV, AUV and HOV that require bottom observation, in a complex seabed environment, a smooth landing will be a guarantee for a series of subsequent drilling and observation work.
Based on the research and analysis of the landing and leveling of seabed equipment at home and abroad, this paper proposes a new landing and leveling mechanism, establishes a corresponding mathematical model, and designs a simple and feasible adaptive underwater landing algorithm. And combined with the low-cost sensor and laboratory pool environment with simulation value, a set of laboratory simulation physical model of underwater adaptive lander is realized.

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